5 Reasons Why Being Agile Is More Important Than Being Perfect for Innovation

I must agree that all my projects that leverage Agile practices produce Customers and Employees that are much more ENERGIZED and ENGAGED. By continuously releasing features and functionality – your project stays “top of mind” and “talked about” with your sponsors and customers.

A great example would be several of the projects in my current program where we have created a prioritized backlog of features we believe meet our customer’s needs.  Which was done after a 2-3 month planning and analysis phase that outlined the resource, budget, technology, and architectural needs for our sponsors.

We are now putting a release roadmap together for iterative releases on a 4 week cycle.   And the developers and testers are using daily standups during each iterative development cycle to keep a handle on progress, obsticles, and continuously adjusting the backlog for future releases.

A great article I read this weekend talked about the 5 Reasons Agile is much more important than being Perfect for being innovative, including:

1. Speed Wins
2. Perfection equals 2nd place
3. Who’s perfection is it anyways
4. It energizes your employees
5. It energizes your customers

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