WEBINAR – Agile Analysis in Action: Incorporating Agile in your BA Work (8/25)

Aug 25, 2010 — 9-10am PDT

The Agile Analysis in Action presentation will provide participants with an example of how Agile practices can be incorporated directly into analysis activities! This is in addition to a brief overview of Agile practices and benefits. Marvin will discuss the benefits of being Agile as an Analyst even if your current organization, client, or boss isn’t ready to cut the cord on traditional software development methodologies like Waterfall.


  • Why Agile works and is such a hot topic today.
  • The common characteristics or flavors of Agile.
  • What is meant by Agile requirements
  • How to respectfully become an Agile infiltrator in a Waterfall world.
  • How to incorporate Agile like practices in your daily analysis routine
  • About a real world experience in Agile Analysis
  • Optional – The IIBA BOK “Agile Analysis extension” teaser

Speaker: Marvin Almon, Vice President, International Institute of Business Analysis (NEFL Chapter).

PDU: 1
COST: Free