WEBINAR SERIES – Business & Agility

As Agile has matured, it also has diverged.  That is, there are not only more and more methods, there are more and more mindsets.  Some believe a team-centric approach is best, others believe one must start with an enterprise view.  Some believe you are best starting with those writing the code, others believe you should start with those deciding what products/features need to be built.  Some believe explicit workflows are a slippery slope back to waterfall while others have seen them result in faster than expected learning.  Other issues revolve around design, portfolio management, culture, transition methods and more.  How can one get to where the trure value of Agile is? How does one adopt Agile in a way that makes sense for their organization?

These are important questions – ones that are difficult to find answers for since most folks providing these answers have a vested interest in an approach.

This webinar series will provide both a wide and deep approach to providing answers to these questions, from one of the few companies that is not attaches to one approach.  Net Objectives has been a thought leader in Agile methods for over a decade.  We have led adoption of eXtreme Programming, Scrum, Lean, Kanban and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).  An unbiased view of what works will be presented.

The following webinars are in the series (click on title to LISTEN to the webinar):

  1. An Introduction to Agile from a Business / Executive Point of View
  2. Agile Implementations: Overviews of Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban
  3. Beginning An Agile Transformation
  4. Understanding the Scaled Agile Framework
  5. Team Kanban: Manifesting Lean at the Team Level
  6. Enhancing and Extending Scrum With Lean
  7. A Day of the Scaled Agile Framework

Each webinar will be followed by an optional 15 minute session by Digite to describe how their tools help you improve your software development methods.  Each of their sessions is tied to the topic covered by the webinar.

<strong>Duration of each Webinar:</strong> 1 Hour / <strong>Credits for each Webinar:</strong> 1 PDU