Case Study into Leveraging Scaled Agile Framework™ in Mixed Waterfall and Agile Environments

While the adoption of Agile practices has become more and more prevalent in the industry, it’s clear that many large organizations are often unable to go “all in.” Even as we attempt to isolate initial use of Lean and Agile methods in a “pilot” environment, external forces often exist that prevent a “pure” implementation.  Waterfall and Agile/Lean can co-exist.

This Agilista PM webinar will dive into 3 real life situations with mixed Agile/Waterfall environments to show you:

  •   How Agile projects can align their plans to a Waterfall project when they are not in sync?
  •   How Waterfall projects can operate within a fixed cadence?
  •   How to deal with potential issues that may arise in these mixed environments?
  •   How to know when things are not working and when to make some changes?

WHO SHOULD ATTEND?.. Project/Program Managers and  Scrummasters who are or will be operating in a mixed Agile/Waterfall environment. Attendees should already be familiar with Agile/Scrum.

PDUs: 1
COST: Free

Speakers: Ken France, Colin O’Neill and Adam Beck with Scaled Agile Framework & Blue Mercury Consulting

Speaker BIOS:

Ken France
Ken is managing partner of Blue Mercury Consulting and helping large scale organizations adopt iterative and incremental development practices. Through his work at leading companies like IBM, Rational Software, and Number Six Software, Ken brings a pragmatic approach to the adoption of new practices. Much of his career has been spent directly coaching agile teams their management chain on how to drive the change necessary to become successful at the enterprise level, while recognizing the uniqueness of each environment and what tradeoffs need to be made to achieve that success. Lastly, Ken believes it’s important to have some fun along with way and tries to bring that philosophy into his training and coaching style as well.

Colin O’Neill
As an Annapolis graduate and U.S. Marine Corps officer, Colin gained significant experience leading empowered, cross-discipline teams. He leverages that expertise in the Agile world as a Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Professional to help organizations adopt Dean Leffingwell’s Scaled Agile Framework.TM Colin has helped multiple Fortune 100 companies achieve enterprise agility and is a conference speaker.

The result of 30+ years of experience is Scaled Agile, Inc., a company that delivers a full suite of products and services to help organizations achieve enterprise Agile transformation in the shortest time yet most comprehensive manner possible. Scaled Agile’s flagship product is the most extensive Agile process on the market today. In addition to clear, concise workflows at the team, program, and portfolio levels, the Scaled Agile Process contains over 25 Agile practices that each address a specific adoption opportunity and can be implemented independent of one another.

Adam Beck
Adam is an IT transformation consultant with 20+ years in software project management, nearly half of that leading and coaching Agile teams.  He has led enterprise-wide Lean-Agile adoption initiatives at Fortune 100 financial, telecom as well as government clients.  His leadership introducing Kanban methods and using the Scaled Agile Framework™ has resulted in remarkable successes for new and previously-struggling multi-team customers.