SUCCESS STORY – What really happens during Agile Adoption projects

The Agilista PM interviews a seasoned Software Development Coach, Bob Maksimchuk,  who shares his experiences from a Software Development project with a goal of becoming CMMI level 3.  We focus on how Agile practices were adopted in a traditional Waterfall and Command-n-Control environment.

The company wanted Bob to help them start using Agile for 3 key reasons:

  1. Deliver releases on-time,
  2. on-budget,
  3. and most of all: Attract and compete for NEW business.

In this 60 minute interview, Bob shares…

  • How Waterfall and Scrum practices were leveraged in his project
  • The three areas that had the biggest issues:  Product Mgt processes, Use Cases, and The Team
  • How he had to introduce Agile without interrupting current work in-flight
  • How the organization tracked their Agile Maturity
  • How Agile was used for Planning and Estimating
  • How the backlog of Use Cases (-v- User STories) were used and sliced up for iterations
  • Personnel issues of shared resources and how it was handled
  • The impact of Management’s involvement and role in the project (they were very command & control)
  • and more…

SPEAKER: Bob Maksimchuk is the founder and Principal Consultant of Project Pragmatics, LLC.  He is also a best-selling author (his books have been translated into 7 different languages), speaker, and development team coach.  Bob focuses on bringing software development best practices and process improvement to companies, large and small, in many industries. Bob does this by bringing practical, pragmatic techniques to achieving his clients’ goals. Instead of a “rip and replace” mentality, Bob delivers solutions that are tailored for each client’s unique development environment and then fine-tuned to how their teams actually work.  This approach eases adoption of new practices and helps clients reap the benefits more quickly.