7 Ways to Avoid Being a Project “Micro” Manager

Micromanaging a project team is akin to managing each task or deliverable with extreme control.  This suffocating management style is likely to put a damper on creativity and inhibit individual growth. There are many reasons why this happens, but in general, it is not a healthy situation for the project manager, employee or team. As a program manager, you want to help project managers improve their performance without stepping on their toes or stepping into their projects. As a project manager, you are keen on making the project a success while balancing the needs of the team, the sponsors, and the organization as a whole.


So, what should you be focused on while others are tackling the work of the project?

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Agile Simulation – The Daily Standup Meeting

VideoWhat better way to learn how to do a great Daily Standup than watching it done right before your very eyes in just 10 mins!

First witness a disfunctional way of doing Standups – then see how it should be done.

It really is an excellent example to watch and learn.

Watch the video by clicking HERE


Accountability: Creating Winning Teams !

Back by popular demand…Join us at this 1 hour live coaching session where Birgit Zacher Hanson, author of Who Will Do What by When? will reveal how to change the accountability game and make it winnable. Birgit will also answer questions in real-time while coach participants on real-life-issues that relates to getting others to commit and follow-through.

Birgit helps corporations with the following – she can help you too !

  • Strengthen leadership capabilities and help leaders develop coaching skills that lead to sustainable excellence
  • Build collaborative teams and work cultures that enable superior project execution in alignment with business strategy
  • Empower individuals to fulfill on their potential and reach new levels of success

Can you make people do anything they don’t want to do?


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