2017 SAFe Summit Agenda Now Live!

October 2-6, 2017 / San Antonio, TX

We are pleased to announce the 2017 SAFe Summit main conference agenda. Attendees can look forward to a wide variety of sessions, covering both introductory and advanced topics from our SAFe Fellows and other experts.

In addition, we’ve upped the number of case studies, so you can learn first-hand from your peers. Below are a few of our featured sessions. Be sure to check out the full agenda on the 2017 SAFe Summit website.

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Featured Sessions

Measuring Business Value
Business value is one of the most critical business drivers in SAFe. This session will describe aspects and uses of the SAFe business value parameter. In addition, you will learn how enterprises use Value Stream KPIs to help determine economic return and other beneficial business outcomes.

Identifying Value Streams and ARTs
Value Streams and Agile Release Trains are the fundamental SAFe constructs for organizing around a continuous flow of value delivery. This session will provide an overview of these critical concepts, and highlight the analysis and change management steps needed for an effective SAFe implementation.

How to Secure Buy-in for SAFe (Getting Leadership to the Tipping Point)
We all admit it. Change is hard. Those who have been through it often report that the SAFe transformation was one of the hardest—and absolutely the most rewarding—change processes they have experienced. In this combination workshop and session, SAI leadership will share some of the secrets they have learned that get leadership to the table, and to help assure they lead, rather than follow, the transformation.

**View FULL Agenda here: 2017 SAFe Summit Agenda Now Live!


“So you want to build a really successful tech business…?” Lean/Kanban Meetup (1/25)

The Los Angeles meetup welcomes their first international speaker this month:  Bob Marshall (@FlowChainSensei), a London(U.K.)-based coach and consultant to technology businesses.

The event in brief:
“So you want to build a really successful tech business, eh?”

There can be many different paths to a “successful” tech business, many of them involving luck, prior art or exploitation of existing assets. One option – surprisingly rarely chosen – is to concentrate on operational excellence and effectiveness of execution.

Bob will be hosting a conversation on this topic, and along the way offering some advice and suggestions on what a truly effective tech business can look like and work like – with the help of ideas like Lean, Systems Thinking, Rightshifting, the Marshall Model, and FlowChain.

About the presenter

Bob Marshall has been a specialist in the transformation of organizational performance – particularly in the software development and business technology arenas – for the past twenty years.  At present, Bob is CEO and Chief Coach at Falling Blossoms, creator of both the Javelin™ and FlowChain™ product development methods, and a leading practitioner in the field of Rightshifting organizational effectiveness.

Bob says:
“I became a Rightshifter in the first place because of the egregious waste of time, money, effort and – above all – human potential that I have seen time and again in organizations trying to develop software-intensive systems, products and services. So many people have such a poor time at work, frustrated and unfulfilled every day, in the majority of organizations out there.”

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