Successful Collaboration requires Team Engagement

Each person on the project team is essential to a successful outcome. The level of engagement that each team member has can significantly influence the level of success the project will have.  Here are a few ideas for engaging your team.

Understanding the Pain

If you can involve the entire team in reviewing requirements, then the team will understand why change is needed to reduce or avoid the pain being experienced.  Don’t just tell them what you want changed.   This not only helps all team members better develop their piece of the solution for better test planning, it allows the entire team to discuss the problem and possible solutions so the best solution can be selected by everyone – including the customer/business. Read more


Agile Simulation – The Daily Standup Meeting

VideoWhat better way to learn how to do a great Daily Standup than watching it done right before your very eyes in just 10 mins!

First witness a disfunctional way of doing Standups – then see how it should be done.

It really is an excellent example to watch and learn.

Watch the video by clicking HERE


Communication Secrets for Challenging Conversations

Delivering tough messages, giving critical performance feedback, saying “no” to a client or supervisor—these are just some of the challenging conversations we all face in the workplace; and, as a leader, you’re directly impacted by your ability to communicate effectively. The business results you produce, the strength of your internal collaborations, the effectiveness of your corporate strategy, and the retention of your key employee talent, all depend on the skills you bring to communication and relationship management.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The three crucial elements of a conversation that will determine success or failure
  • A systematic process to prepare for your most challenging conversations
  • Four key skills for persuading and influencing others Read more