WEBINAR – Applying Lean Thinking to IT Projects


In today’s business climate, “more-for -less” is becoming very important.  Applying “Lean Thinking” promises to deliver business results by greatly increasing quality, throughput, and productivity for organizations.  An understanding of “lean concepts” can be used by Project Managers to improve process and enable IT organizations to more efficiently and effectively meet customer needs.  This webinar with Carson Holmes will discuss lean practices that Project Managers can begin applying to IT Projects right away.

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FREE Scrum Training (ie. Scrum for PMP’s)

Do you want to learn more about Scrum or get better at it?

Danube’s Scrum Core Training Webinars are led by five Certified Scrum Trainers–offering regularly scheduled webinars on the fundamentals of Scrum, from roles and terminology to its best practices.

Special Event Webinar Topics include:

  • Scrum for PMPs
  • Estimation: STory Sizes and Related Topics
  • Explaining Scrum to Management
  • Introcution to Scrum

*** See Danube’s lineup of ScrumCore Webinars at http://danube.com/scrum/webinars/scrumcore


Mixing it up with Agile & PMI – Shifting Focus

agile2Many PMI project managers are looking for help in introducing Agile techniques into largely traditional organizations to help better manage today’s projects.  Especially for non-software development projects where Agile teams are looking for help in gaining acceptance of their approaches and integrating what has been working well for them.

I’ve seen Agilistas criticize the command-and-control nature of some PMI approaches….I’ve also seen Traditional managers condemn the seemingly unstructured techniques practiced in Agile.



Have you ever seen a purist in either of these approaches?  In reality, a smart mix of approaches can bring success to projects and organizations that so desperately need to start doing more with less.

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Doing More with Less by leveraging Agile & PMI

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The current economy and budget cuts/freezes have sparked great interest in doing more with less… …Less people —  Less money — Less time.  As a result of this trend, the interest in Agile methodologies is grabbing the attention of many PMO organizations and CEOs, including the IT space, product development and other projects in general.

“Can Agile and Waterfall methods coexist?”

Absolutely they can…they already are.   This transition from Waterfall to Agile won’t happen overnight, but the boulder has started rolling down the hill and is picking up momentum.   The need is there !

Many project managers and PMO organizations are looking for help in introducing agile techniques into largely traditional organizations to help better manage today’s projects. Likewise, agile teams are looking for help in gaining acceptance of their approaches working well for them into larger communities.

THE SOLUTION:   Two major forces are collaborating to work together….changing the world…

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“Virtual Teams” are the future…How to keep them on track !

virtualteam3It is said that “Virtual Teams are the Future“. With gas prices soaring and the economy in a slump – it is critical for organizations to take advantage of the best talent “where they are at” and not limit their resources to local ones only. If you could leverage an excellent DBA from Oklahoma, a Developer from Alabama, a PM from California, etc…. — then you could form teams of the “best people” possible.   Why would you not want to do that?

If you are worried about keeping them on-track, then you need to understand that virtual teams will more frequently have relationship problems that can derail things. Problems with remote colleagues are significantly more difficult to solve and last longer than those with on-site colleagues.   They will either ignore the person, gossip about them, or criticize them…destroying productivity if not dealt with.

What’s the solution?

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