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Glossary of Agile Terms

I found an excellent glossary of Words and Terms common to Agile that is very helpful.  Thanks goes out to DAVISBASE for providing this to ASPE.


.Terms like:

  • Burn Down Chart
  • Burn Up Chart
  • Velocity
  • Story Points
  • Cadence
  • Persona
  • and much more….

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Playing Games: Project Management’s Next Innovation

Communication and social dysfunctional relationships are often associated with project teams’ inability to meet their project goals and objectives. This all too often leads to project’s coming in over budget and/or schedule.

The social and emotional skills of a project teams and individuals have been de-emphasized in favor of process and procedural fulfillment on part of the project profession.  In some respects, this is leading towards the commoditization of project management.

There’s a clear need to acknowledge and value of emotional and social intelligence in project teams. Research shows the best way to increase emotional and social intelligence is through experiential processes like ‘serious games’. Serious games provide a powerful, proven new tool for the PM toolkit. They are an engaging, economical way to create respect, trust, appreciation for diversity and ultimately organizational value.

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Top Ten Agile – Kanban Tools

The Agile Evangelist shares:

Even though Kanban will conjure up images of whiteboards and stickers more than anything else, truth is we also need software tools. If you are anything like me, the only two things you know you’d never lose are your head and the stuff you keep in your computer/online. Also, if you work with teams and people in remote locations, these tools can ease things up. From robust all-around tools such as Hansoft to more personal lightweight application such as Lino, here you have an always convenient list of agile tools, reviewed.

1. Agile Zen

Agile Zen is a simple, pay per month Agile tool that gets extra points for their do-good philosophy. If you work for a not-for profit organisation you get 50% off their already low price. Also, if you are working on a open source project, you get the tool for free.

The only downside to it I find is how, at this time is only offered as a hosted tool. However, if you want to try it out today, you can! Head over to AgileZen today to get started.

2. Flow

3. Pivitol Tracker

4. Hansoft

Click here for the full list of TOP TEN TOOLS…

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FREE Agile Project Management Tool from Rally

Rally Software is offering a a free 10-seat subscription to their award-winning Agile lifecycle management solution COMMUNITY EDITION.   The COMMUNITY EDITION is Rally’s on-line project room pulls together everything a cross-functional team needs to collaborate around their iterations and daily work. It is an ideal alternative to open source project management tools because it enables your team to pilot Agile in a no-cost, low burden Software-as-a-Service environment. Rally Community Edition also provides a seamless upgrade path to Rally Enterprise Edition, so you can incrementally adopt and scale Agile.

Organize Stories, Tasks, Tests & Defects -Centralize everything the team needs to build and rank backlogs, estimate size, and groom items for planning and scheduling.
Plan and Track Iterations (Sprints) -Balance commitments against your team’s velocity and help everyone focus on advancing ideas to delivery.
Collaborate via Personal Dashboards & Social Media Tools -Participate in the flow of activities on your team and tailor your views and notifications to help you get the right things done.
Automatic Reports and Agile Metrics – Trend your performance and easily share progress and forecasts with all stakeholders.
High-performance web service is zero effort to deploy and maintain – Deliver great software and trust Rally to protect your data and keep it accessible to your global teams.

Rally Community Edition includes:

  • Free for 10 Users, One Project
  • Seamless Transition to Enterprise
  • Extensive Web Support
  • Defect Management and Test Tracking
  • 3 Custom Fields, Views and Reports
  • No Obligation or Commitment

** Get Your Free Subscription to Rally Community Edition <click here>

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The Agile Business Analyst

Rapidly changing market conditions are requiring companies to shorten delivery cycles and become more responsive to customer expectations. Agile development methodologies are leading the way, helping software development teams adjust to the new economy. Agile challenges our notion of software engineering best practices, project management methodology and how we lead our teams.

The agile movement impacts every role on a project team differently and creates opportunities to learn new skills and develop new ways of working together.

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REPORT – Agile Development Management Tools (Forrester Q2 2010)

Executive Summary

In Forrester’s evaluation of Agile development management (ADM) tool vendors, we found that IBM and MKS led the pack with the best overall current feature sets.  Atlassian, CollabNet, and Microsoft are also Leaders with capable products and aggressive strategies that will result in significant product improvements in 2010 and beyond. Rally Software Development is also a category Leader; it offers the best current balance of product capability and strategic outlook. HP, Serena Software, and VersionOne are Strong Performers offering competitive options. In the case of HP and Serena, their products are new introductions to the market and should improve as the vendors mature and gain customers. VersionOne is a stalwart in the Agile space that offers excellent planning capabilities but is less flexible than other products when it comes to reporting and integration with application life-cycle management (ALM) tools. And while the solution recently acquired by Micro Focus appeals to client-server and legacy developers, Micro Focus must clarify its future strategy for ADM before it can move into a
leadership position.

Table of Contents

  • Agile Development Is Rapidly Becoming The Norm
  • Agile Development Management Tools
  • Evaluation Overview
  • The Forrester ADM Wave Reveals Leaders And
  • Strong Performers
  • Vendor Profiles
  • Supplemental Material

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Think you are Agile? ….how do you know?

I was recently involved in an organization that wanted to transition their software development teams to Agile since 2 of the teams had been doing 2-week iterations for over 6 months.  The problem was, that despite the manager yelling that they “were already Agile”, they were not delivering valuable and potentially shippable increments frequently nor consistently (iteration after iteration), nor were they adapting to changing priorities and customer needs along the way.

The essence of Agile is not whether or not a team is doing TDD or pairing or automated regression testing, (although I strongly believe they are all good practices and I evangelize them to all my clients).  Being Agile means delivering business value frequently and consistently while adapting to changing business needs.  No matter what practices are being followed, if you are not doing this then your not Agile.  That’s where assesments come in…

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NEW Self-Study Course: Immunize Your Project Against Agile Failure

Are you working on your agile adoption, and it’s more difficult than you think it should be?

  • You may be experiencing process failure, team failure, or project failure.
  • Maybe you’re lucky, and you’re not failing—but you’re just limping along, not getting all the benefits you expect from your agile transition.
  • Or, maybe you’re thinking of transitioning to agile, but your management won’t pay for training. Or, you’ve transitioned for a pilot team, but you want to roll out to more teams.

Get Expert Help…

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Agile Teams – 8 Types of Workers Needed for Best Productivity

Agile team members are often found to be highly skilled knowledge workers with very strong values of independence.  Many software developers are introverted, preferring to interact with their computers rather than people. But are they a “high performing” team yet?

Self managing teams often fail because their members lack the needed people skills to work together, collaborate, and appreciate each other’s skills as well as differences in order to achieve high performing results.

My Bachelors & Masters degrees in Marketing, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering spent no time to speak of on people skills and certainly nothing on how to participate and contribute to high-performing teams.  These skills were learned on the job and in real world experience.

Do you find yourself in a similar situation?

Then your next step is to learn how teams work and find out the nature of how your own teams are working today so you can improve the situation.

There are 8 “Types of Work”

There are eight distinct ‘Types of Work” that Team Management Systems (TMS) has described on a work wheel.  All teams must have these 8 work types covered on each teams, and they should be done well for the highest-performance possible.

Did you know people show distinct ‘work preferences’ for two or three of these activities depicted on the TMS wheel.

This concept is invaluable when working in the area of Project Management – especially Agile Teams that are self-organizing & managing.

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