Scale DevOps with SAFe Webinar

Dean Leffingwell shares a new CALMR approach

April 18, 2017
11:00 AM -12:00 PM EDT / 17:00-18:00 CET

DevOps and Continuous Delivery is all the rage these days. And why wouldn’t it be? What good does it do to be agile right up to the point where we can’t actually release the software?

Join Dean Leffingwell, co-founder and chief methodologist at Scaled Agile, Inc., as he describes how a CALMR approach — Culture, Automation, Lean-Flow, Measurement, and Recovery — to scaling DevOps and Continuous Delivery creates the foundation teams need to release value on demand. Hear how the practices and mechanisms of continuous exploration, continuous integration, and continuous deployment work in concert to build an efficient Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

Dean will review existing SAFe DevOps content and preview new content making its way into SAFe Guidance, and likely future versions of the Scaled Agile Framework®.

Can’t attend the webinar? No problem. Everyone who registers will get a link to the recording.

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