The Battle is Heating Up ! …which approach should I use?

Seems like there is a tension brewing between the different Agile and Waterfall approches used today.  XXX is better than YYY !!!  ZZZ always fails.

Each approach is like a football team – people become radical fans of a team and heaven forbid if anyone challenges them.  It is like the Hatfield & McCoys or college rivalries during homecoming week !

And when someone mentions a shortcoming about an approach – they are labeled a “basher”.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could constructively discuss …”which approach is best for the project at hand” and teach project teams how to decide, what to look for, and what to avoid?

There are definite advantages and shortcomings of each approach.  Just like everything else in this world has it’s pros & cons.

Here are some great blogs/articles this week on this topic that try to discuss things constructively.  They will help educate you so “YOU” can start deciding what is best for your project, organization, and team.

** If you know of any other great articles on this subject…..let me know  – THANKS