WEBINAR – Creating Effect Maps

Gojko Adzic returned to illustrate how to create “Effect Maps” to manage requirements and do better Acceptance Test Planning – he will walk us through a sample problem.
He will also answer some questions we didn’t have time to answer from our webinar from a few weeks ago titled: “Effective Specifications for Agile Projects“.

1. Regulated environments/traceability

How do you sell Agile in an enterprise where audit department wants to have evidence for each change in requirements?
In a regulated industry, how do you do specs when the stories for the release are not defined at the start of the project?
What should system requirements look like when using Agile in an FDA-regulated industry?  When are they “done”?

2. Buy-In / Collaboration

Any suggestions on getting buy-in from the entire team:  QA, Business Manager, Customers, and Developers?
How do you share, exchange or get requirements in a large multi-disciplined team of 7 BAs on one project?
How do you ensure effective stakeholder collaboration while developing off site?

3. Examples of Executable Specifications

How do you capture the requirement in one format so that it is meaningful to both the users and the developers?
Is there an agile answer to complex decision tables? (ie. working with data-intensive business applications)
Samples of minimum documentation?

SPEAKER: Gojko Adzic is a software craftsman with a passion for new technologies, programming and writing. He is the author of several books and online guides on acceptance testing, including Bridging the Communication Gap, Test Driven .NET Development with Fitnesse, and Getting Fit with .NET, and more than 200 articles about programming, operating systems, the Internet and new technologies published in various online and print magazines.

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