Agile Dream Teams

They are spreading into all areas of business – not just sofware development.  PMI published an article this week saying that if you want to adapt to a marketplace, react quicker to your competition, and not have to redo an entire project when you find out scope needs to change — then Agile Teams can make that happen!  But note that not everyone will think that change is good!

Agile approaches help keep teams on task – helping them to avoid “time-sucking mistakes” (dont’ you jus tlove how PMI just says it like it is !) – and helps them to collaborate.  With frequent feedback, Agile teams allow for quick changes “on the fly”.

Organizations go through culture shock. As things start out uncomfortable and teams and processes are redefined.  Finger pointing and blame games begin as weaknesses in the organization and teams are uncovered.  Unfortunately Agile teams are blamed ….when in reality it is not anyone’s fault.

People hate change. But if you want something to change – things need to change.  Agile doesn’t cause problems – it uncovers them.  And with this comes ruffled feathers and apprehension.   So expect it and use eduction and influence to help the change to occur over time.  It will take time.

ROI is easily achedived..if you understand this and allow teams to self-correct and improve over time – they are not dream teams over night.

Remember that Agile is NOT all or nothing. You can gradually transition team if you allow them to go through growing pains and fail a little.  You learn more from failure than successs.  Allow time for education – iron sharpening – and management feather ruffling to occur  as you identify the areas that need Agile tweeking.

…see full PMI article here

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