Launching Agile Release Trains: Why Start at the Program Level? …with Dean Leffingwell

Many organizations are tempted to begin their agile transformation with a series of low risk, stand-alone pilots. While these pilots may prove that teams can adopt a new process, they don’t prove that enterprise teams can work together to drive out dependencies, gain alignment across stakeholders, provide program-wide transparency, and deliver end-to-end value.

Why is it that companies who go “all in” at the program level have a higher chance of success?

In this webinar, Dean Leffingwell himself will answer questions like the following:

  1. What are the business benefits companies have seen by launching agile programs (also known as Agile Release Trains)?
  2. How do you identify the value streams in an enterprise – the long-lived series of system definition, development and deployment process steps used to build and deploy systems?
  3. How do you identify your Agile Release Trains – the virtual organizations formed around these value streams?
  4. How do you prepare an organization for the first Agile Release Train launch?
  5. How do you execute using the one week Quickstart adoption model?

SPEAKERS: Dean Leffingwell – Chief Methodologist – A 30+ veteran of the software industry, Dean is an entrepreneur, executive, author, methodologist, consultant, and Lean Systems Society Fellow. As one of the world’s most experienced scaled agile leaders, Dean developed the unique Scaled Agile Framework® which combines Agile portfolio management and large scale Agile architecture with the innovative Agile Release Train for program delivery. A former VP of Rational Software, he is the author of Agile Software Requirements, Scaling Software Agility and Managing Software Requirements, all from Addison-Wesley.
Drew Jemilo is a principal contributor to the Scaled Agile Framework®, consultant, and Academy instructor. Drew met Dean Leffingwell in early 2009 when he was developing a scaled Agile methodology for a management consulting company to bridge their strategic business framework with Agile. Since then, they have worked together with global clients to synchronize distributed teams using the Agile Release Train in the U.S., Europe, and India.


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