NEW Self-Study Course: Immunize Your Project Against Agile Failure

Are you working on your agile adoption, and it’s more difficult than you think it should be?

  • You may be experiencing process failure, team failure, or project failure.
  • Maybe you’re lucky, and you’re not failing—but you’re just limping along, not getting all the benefits you expect from your agile transition.
  • Or, maybe you’re thinking of transitioning to agile, but your management won’t pay for training. Or, you’ve transitioned for a pilot team, but you want to roll out to more teams.

Get Expert Help…

Many agile adoptions fail. You have the opportunity to make your agile adoption succeed. You can avoid disaster, understand what’s going on in your agile adoption, and prevent the bounce-back problem.

If you would like some expert help, boxed in a self-study program, check out a new course from Johanna Rothman and Gil Broza called:

“Immunize Your Project Against Agile Failure.”

What You Will Learn…

  • You’ll learn about process, team, and project failure.
  • You’ll help identify if you have a disaster in progress, adoption mediocrity, or an agile approach that just won’t scale.

For course details go here.

Introductory Offer:  20% off

Johanna is offering The Agilista PM readers an introductory special of 20% if purchased before April 30.  And, if you buy before she manages to do automated purchasing, you will get another 5 % off.  The Promo code is APRD.

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