Improve Estimates by Studying Kanban Card Flow

You don’t have to use fancy tools to analyze what is going on with your projects. keeping work visible tot he team can in itselft help the team to see what is working or not — and can help them adjust to improve.

It is the job of the Agile PM to keep an eye on how work is actually getting done (or not)!

…so they can work with the team to make improvements on delivering results as quickly as possible.

Analyzing Kanban cards allow us to see where estimates can be improved as we compare actual time vs. estimated tim

Ben Mitchell shares a few of the ways his team does this by using kanban cards during the daily standup and asking good questions.  A few of those questions that I’ve use all the time include:

  • What kinds of work take us longer?
  • Where is the time taken?
  • Are there any patterns around which columns (steps) in our workflow take time?
  • Where do we see delays?
  • Is a step in our process adding a burden to the time it takes us to complete work?

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