IT Contracting Growth in Jobs – 4% in 2010

I know that many of you are contractors/consultants like myself. So when I found a press release posted this week by on the IT Consulting market [here], I just had to share and give IT PM’s and BA’s some hope for the coming year. reports there was a steady growth in 2009 that will continue into 2010.   A 4% growth to be exact.

With these types of reports I tend to focus on the obvious trends…

  • PM & BA skills “combined” are in the TOP 5 demanded

— PM & BA skills total 9% of the total IT jobs hired in 2009

— The top 5 skill-sets hired make up over 50% of the IT jobs in 2009

  • Demand for Project Management Skills

    • …was highest from June to September of 2009
    • Top States hiring PM’s are: CA, NJ,  NY, TX, and Pennsylvania – way to go if you are in one of those states !

  • Demand for Business Analyst Skills

    • …was highest starting just a little before PM’s (this is not surprising since BA work will preceed PM work especially in the contracting market)
    • Top States hiring BA’s are:  CA, NJ,  NY, TX, and Virginia – why VA -v- CA for PM’s?  who knows?

  • Top 10 states for consulting jobs are: CA, NJ, NY, TX, PA, IL, VA, MA, MN, GA

— California alone hires 13% of the PM’s and 14% of the BA’s in the USA

— All Top 5 states combined hire ~50% of the IT PM’s and BA’s in the USA.

** See the full report by [here].