Playing Games: Project Management’s Next Innovation

Communication and social dysfunctional relationships are often associated with project teams’ inability to meet their project goals and objectives. This all too often leads to project’s coming in over budget and/or schedule.

The social and emotional skills of a project teams and individuals have been de-emphasized in favor of process and procedural fulfillment on part of the project profession.  In some respects, this is leading towards the commoditization of project management.

There’s a clear need to acknowledge and value of emotional and social intelligence in project teams. Research shows the best way to increase emotional and social intelligence is through experiential processes like ‘serious games’. Serious games provide a powerful, proven new tool for the PM toolkit. They are an engaging, economical way to create respect, trust, appreciation for diversity and ultimately organizational value.

Project Management sits at the epicentre where organizations integrate their specialized knowledge areas. Cross–functional teams can only achieve results collaboratively. Project management professionals who have enhanced emotional and social skills can make a significant positive impact on a fairly wide scale. This is also how PMs can avoid being commoditized.

Far more times than not, these are social-related initiates and are not found in our collective tool kits. Game theory and practice gives us the tools to reshape the project management profession to heighten the delivery of trust, collaboration and organizational value.


  • Emotional and Social Intelligence of teams – Why and How it is critical to project success
  • Seeing your project team as a social unit
  • Increasing team collaboration and trust using learning game systems
  • Avoiding the down-draft of a team’s Storming Phase

Sheri Burgos is the Founder and President of Vinezoom based in Toronto, Canada and has over 20 years of consultative experience in the IT industry. She is a seasoned project manager proficient in managing large and complex IT infrastructure projects in the private and public sectors domains. Sheri is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a certified ITIL Service Manager in delivering IT service management initiatives. She recently completed the Athabasca Executive MBA Program with a major in Project Management, researching IT project success, analyzing best practices and exploring leading principles.


Robert Castel has extensive experience implementing high risk, complex IT related projects in Canada, the U.S. and United Kingdom. As an independent project manager, his clients have ranged from the major Canadian financial institutions to Canadian provincial and federal government agencies that involved national and global initiatives spanning application development, voice, data and network infrastructures, as well as ITSM and privacy related initiatives. He holds the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation and is currently pursuing an MBA at Athabasca University and Advanced Leadership Series courses at the University of Toronto..


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