A Process for Managing Risks in Distributed Teams

Distributed teams have become more and more common in today’s global market.   Especially with the mass amount of off-shoring and outsourcing going on at companies in their effort to save money.  But with disstributed and virtual teams come challenges that project teams need to plan for and manage risk around.

Yes, distributed teams add risk to projects – so check out this article that illustrates the nontrivial skills & insight to practice risk management.   It does a comprehensive job of

  • Identifing inherent risks in distributed teams,
  • Sharing techniques to solve them, and
  • Providing Guidelines for applying the techniques.

Eight Risk areas are covered:

* task distribution,
* knowledge management,
* geographical distribution,
* collaboration structure,
* cultural distribution,
* stakeholder relations,
* communication infrastructure, and
* technology setup.

>> Click here to read full article on InfoQ

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