Running an Agile Release Planning Meeting, with Dean Leffingwell and Jennifer Fawcett

Release planning is the “pacemaker” of enterprise agility and the Agile Release Train (ART) which aligns the Agile program to a common mission.  Based on nearly a decade of experience, Dean Leffingwell and Scaled Agile have developed a process which has worked with small trains of 40 people to larger trains of 180.

This webinar explains what it takes to run a successful Agile release planning meeting from a scaled point of view (100’s of teams).  Hear real stories and feel what it’s like to be a Release Train Engineer!

What you’ll learn:

  • Overview of Agile Release Planning
  • How to prepare, content preparation, executive, product, and architectural briefings
  • Release Planning Days 1 & 2, ceremonies and timelines
  • Beyond the basics, logistics, and evolution


Dean LeffingwellDean Leffingwell (Chief Methodologist) A 30+ veteran of the software industry, Dean is an entrepreneur, executive, author, methodologist and consultant. As one of the world’s most experienced scaled agile leaders, Dean developed the unique Scaled Agile Framework™ which combines Agile portfolio management and large scale Agile architecture with the innovative Agile Release Train for program delivery. A former VP of Rational Software, he is the author of Agile Software Requirements, Scaling Software Agility and Managing Software Requirements, all from Addison-Wesley.

jennifer-fawcettJennifer Fawcett (VP, Scaled Agile Academy) Jennifer has been providing scaled agile product management, product ownership, executive portfolio coaching and leadership, and software expertise to technology companies for over 28 years before joining Scaled Agile in late 2012. Jennifer spent several years in Product Management at Rational Software (now IBM-Rational). Jennifer has also spent a large portion of her career as a professional consultant, providing senior level lean|agile product management, product marketing, corporate messaging architecture, process expertise, and hands-on web development to a variety of markets.

The Agilista PM - Donna Reed.

HOSTED BY:  The Agilista PM, who is committed to enabling organizations and teams to be as Agile-Lean as possible


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