“So you want to build a really successful tech business…?” Lean/Kanban Meetup (1/25)

The Los Angeles meetup welcomes their first international speaker this month:  Bob Marshall (@FlowChainSensei), a London(U.K.)-based coach and consultant to technology businesses.

The event in brief:
“So you want to build a really successful tech business, eh?”

There can be many different paths to a “successful” tech business, many of them involving luck, prior art or exploitation of existing assets. One option – surprisingly rarely chosen – is to concentrate on operational excellence and effectiveness of execution.

Bob will be hosting a conversation on this topic, and along the way offering some advice and suggestions on what a truly effective tech business can look like and work like – with the help of ideas like Lean, Systems Thinking, Rightshifting, the Marshall Model, and FlowChain.

About the presenter

Bob Marshall has been a specialist in the transformation of organizational performance – particularly in the software development and business technology arenas – for the past twenty years.  At present, Bob is CEO and Chief Coach at Falling Blossoms, creator of both the Javelin™ and FlowChain™ product development methods, and a leading practitioner in the field of Rightshifting organizational effectiveness.

Bob says:
“I became a Rightshifter in the first place because of the egregious waste of time, money, effort and – above all – human potential that I have seen time and again in organizations trying to develop software-intensive systems, products and services. So many people have such a poor time at work, frustrated and unfulfilled every day, in the majority of organizations out there.”

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