NEW VIDEO: Standing Out in Your Job Search

Are you tired of applying for jobs that you never get responses to – even when you are a perfect fit ?

My friend, Kevin Kermes, has a brand new, FREE VIDEO that I asked him to put together on the job search for you.

LEARN how you can start standing out in your job search TODAY…begin attracting opportunities, instead of always being “one step behind” chasing them…and cut down your job search time significantly.

100% content – no sales pitch here !

TOPICS we dig into include:

  • How to get crystal clear on being productive, not just active, in your job search..and more effective!
  • Why you DO NOT need to be focused on:   resumes, job boards or recruiters
  • What you can do today to start “gate-jumping” and get around those keeping you away from decision makers…it’s a lot easier than you think!
  • Simple, actionable steps to start differentiating…and why most of the advice out there simply doesn’t work.
  • Why you need to become a “hub,” not a “spoke,” with your audience…which will pull jobs to you.

** FREEBIES – Kevin will be giving them to everyone who watches:  Tools, interviews, resources, ….

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