WORKSHOP – Dealing with the TOP 10 Issues During and After an Iteration (12/16)

December 16, 2010 (2-4pm EST)

What do you do when your customer changes a requirement? How do you keep going when a team member is pulled away for a production issue? What happens when you start coding and realize a feature is much bigger than anticipated? You will learn how to deal with these issues and more in this live virtual workshop. We will follow a case study, Acme Media, as they encounter issues and constraints in the middle of an iteration. We will also join them at the end of the iteration and see how they adapt and replan based on acceptance testing, team throughput, technical discoveries, and changes in the business environment. We will also answer common questions about adapting in an Agile environment: 1. Can we adapt at any time during a project? 2. If we adapt all of the time, how do we get any work done? 3. What is the process for adapting at the end of an iteration?

Real World Skills – Learn Today – Apply them Tomorrow !


  • Understand the most common issues with software projects.
  • Select from multiple options for dealing with each issue type.
  • Use a tradeoff matrix to drive triage decisions.
  • Demonstrate and drive acceptance testing at the end of an iteration.
  • Replan and prepare for the next iteration.
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Greg Smith (GS Solutions) – Greg is a Certified Agile Project Manager, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach with ten years of experience leading project teams to a more agile process. Greg has received numerous awards for his work in helping start-ups establish good software practices, and for helping enterprises overcome bureaucracy and deliver urgent projects. Greg has worked for companies including Philips Electronics, The Seattle Times, R.R. Donnelley, Washington Mutual, and JP Morgan Chase. Greg has been teaching Agile Project Management at Bellevue College since 2005, and is co-author of the top rated agile adoption book, Becoming Agile in an Imperfect World.

Donna Reed (The Agilista PM) – Donna is a Certified Lean-Agile Project Manager, Scrum Master, and Lean-Agile Coach with 8+ years experience leading project teams in using and becoming more agile and lean. Donna has built and launched over 50 software and hardware products while providing Product and Project Management services to Fortune 100 companies and start-ups for 20+ years including HP, IBM, FileNet, Symantec, Cisco, Toyota, Wellpoint and UnitedHealth Group. She is the founder of The Agilista PM ( and is a PMI Agile community-of-practice Rep committed to enabling Project Teams in learning and honing their skills at Agile project management. She also holds a MBA in marketing and PMP.

PDU / CDUs: 2
COST: $89.99