Top Ten Agile – Kanban Tools

The Agile Evangelist shares:

Even though Kanban will conjure up images of whiteboards and stickers more than anything else, truth is we also need software tools. If you are anything like me, the only two things you know you’d never lose are your head and the stuff you keep in your computer/online. Also, if you work with teams and people in remote locations, these tools can ease things up. From robust all-around tools such as Hansoft to more personal lightweight application such as Lino, here you have an always convenient list of agile tools, reviewed.

1. Agile Zen

Agile Zen is a simple, pay per month Agile tool that gets extra points for their do-good philosophy. If you work for a not-for profit organisation you get 50% off their already low price. Also, if you are working on a open source project, you get the tool for free.

The only downside to it I find is how, at this time is only offered as a hosted tool. However, if you want to try it out today, you can! Head over to AgileZen today to get started.

2. Flow

3. Pivitol Tracker

4. Hansoft

Click here for the full list of TOP TEN TOOLS…

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