Top 10 Skills in Demand in 2010 (PM is #1)

I recently read the Global Knowledge/TechRepublic 2010 Salary Survey results, where they asked:

“What skill set will your company be looking to add in 2010?”

And although there were many technical skills listed as are normally expected – the #1 was Project Management with Business Analysis making a come back in the top 5.  The reason they said was the need for organizations to acheive ROI via professional project planning and implementation.

I have even found that my clients are even doing ROI analysis – by doing “prove it to me” work after the project has completed to see if the project really delivered on what was outlined in the business plan that justified the work in the first place.

PMs still need to advance their status in Organizations:

According to an article on the Project Management Institute Web site, project managers still have to develop their

  • people skills,
  • organizational leadership, and
  • individual professionalism.

It isn’t enough to pass the PMP exam.   Team building, relationship building, team leadership -v- management and more are the skills organizations need us PMs to provide them.  And the broader lifecycle experience you can offer, the more valuable and in-demand you are to them.

BA’s need “faster pace” skills:

This economy has made companies think through their business problems and solutions.   Where the BA is playing the role of “liason among stakeholders” to gather requirements.    And IIBA says there are 3 types of BAs:

  1. Enterprise BAs – who identify opportunities for business change & define the work to be done
  2. Transition BAs – who fine-tunes the plans
  3. Project BAs – who work on project teams that implement the changes

People are more than titles – our skills define us…

Due to the faster pace times that started in the 90’s – starting the need for Agile-Lean approaches to be used — I have found that many of my fellow “seasoned PMs” have all these skills and are playing one or more of these roles to help bring focus and value to the customer and business.  Especially technical PM’s who have a business side to them – they not only can gather the requirements effectively, they also see the bigger picture of implementation.   Hence they are helping bridge the customer needs for the implementation team…so Agile-Lean methods can be used to produce value to customers faster.

** To read the entire survey by Global Knowledge/TechRepublic, go here