Agility Starts with Understanding the Business

Organizations today are facing a crisis.  Productivity is one-quarter of 1965 levels.   Innovation continues to decline. Workers are disgruntled. Customers are frustrated. Brands are unraveling. Executive turnover is accelerating. In the last 25 years, start-ups created 40 million jobs in the US, while established firms created almost none. Traditional management is broken.

Agility enables an organization to respond quickly to external forces (such as new market opportunities and competitive forces) as well as to respond quickly to new insights attained internally.

Moving beyond effective teams: While many have achieved local optimizations of more effective teams, few have achieved agility at the enterprise level.  Even when team agility has been achieved, if improvements to how the business is selecting their product enhancements isn’t done, overall return on investment of software development may not have significantly improved.

To manifest agility at the enterprise level, you first start with understanding the reasons for achieving it.    Then you map out your value-stream.    Learn how to move beyond the team level and into an enterprise-wide transition.

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