Visualizing Agile Projects using Kanban Boards

Visulization can help make any type of problem managable.  It is not by mistake that the analogy of eating an elephant (piece by piece) works well for us here when taking complex problems and we break them down into managable pieces that can be acted upon with more accuracy.

A Kanban board visually breaks up a project into a set of steps we follow to deliver value.  These steps are mapped to columns in the board that anyone can ready.   When you see these steps visually you can quickly see where things are working or not working so well.  If this sounds too simple — that’s the point…you can often find answers when you look at things in a simple way.  A way that the entire team, including management, can understand.

I love using this since it involves the entire team in improving things….giving everyone the chance to step up and make a difference.  As an Agile PM, and leaders of our teams, we can create opportunities for our teammates to shine with these simple pratices that any project can use.

See how “visualization” methods an be used in your Agile projects with some real examples…

  • TASK board
  • FEATURE board
  • PARKING LOT chart
  • BURN chart

See three viewpoints (Time, Task, and Team) so that the whole team understands the current status of the project and can work in an autonomous, motivated and collaborative manner.

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