Transitioning to Agile Webinar Series

Business Agility enables an organization to respond quickly to external forces (such as new market opportunities and competitive forces) as well as to respond quickly to new insights attained internally.

So, how do you achieve Business Agility?

While many organizations have achieved the local optimizations of more effective teams, few have achieved agility at the organizational level. Even when team agility has been achieved, if improvements to how the business is selecting their product enhancements isn’t done, overall return on investment of software development may not have significantly improved.

This webinar series is organized around roles so each person in an organization can be introduced to what they need to know for their business to achieve business agility.

Webinar sessions:   (click on the titles to LISTEN to webinar)
Session 1 Business Driven Software Development: An Overview
Session 2 Product Portfolio Management
Session 3 Where to Start Your Agile Transition
Session 4 Team Agility: Scrum or Kanban?
Session 5 Essential Skills for the Agile Developer
Session 6 Acceptance Test-Driven Development: Bring the Customer, Developers and Testers Together to Understand Requirements Up-Front
Session 7: The Role of Management in Lean-Agile Transformations